Why Pacer Cork Wheels?

  The Pacer cork wheel can do work that would be very difficult with any other type grinding wheel. It is made up of fine abrasive grain, a hard rubber bond and a high concentration of small cork wood granules. The abrasive grain is evenly distributed throughout the entire wheel to promote consistent finishes for the life of the wheel.

The rubber bond is very important. Some wheels are referred to as being cork wheels but have a resin or epoxy bond. They do not polish as do Pacer hard rubber bond wheels. Rubber is best for resilience and smoothness.

Other than the light tan color and cork specks on the surface Pacer cork wheels appear to be little different from standard grinding wheels. There is, however, a considerable difference in performance. The combination of the slightly resilient bond and unique cork material allows the abrasive grain to be cushioned during grinding. The effect is that the grain acts less aggressively on the work. This plus a mild polishing action by the cork/bond combination generates a bright finish of fine quality.