RollCool B Coolant


Special coolant for the paper industry.  Saves plenty because only 2% concentration is needed vs. 3 or more for others.  Great rust inhibitor.  Has no lubricants and that helps wheels.  Lubricants make the roll surface slippery and more difficult to grind.  No buildup on machine or in pipes.  Keeps them clean.  Water clear appearance, non-foaming, non-irritating to operators, and

better environmentally than most other coolants


5 Gallon Pale - $115

55 Gallon Drum - $970



DiaNib - Dressing

Dressing - Use DiaNib or equal coarse impregnated nib for sharper dress than by a dulled single point.
A single point often wears flat. DiaNib has many chips imbedded in a metal block. As it wears, sharp points surface.
No need to rotate as with single point nibs. It works well on PM and cork.

Diamond impregnated block is brazed to standard 7/16" shank.

1/4" width. x 1/2" length x 3/8" depth block




Roll Grinding - 1B-6D (Straight)


Mount diamond nib so the face is in full contact during wheel dressing