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DPR Liquid Natural Rubber - 2015

           After 6 years of successful manufacturing and delighted customers, we are proud to say that we have a growing business.   We look forward to the opportunity to serve your DPR Liquid Natural Rubber needs and are able to send free samples to your R&D departments for testing.  The price of raw rubber has somewhat stabilized and we are happy to say the price of DPR by the drum is back  to $4.00 USD per pound.

DPR Liquid Natural Rubber History - 2009

            Pacer Industries, Inc. acquired the DPR product line from Royal Adhesives and Sealants, LLC.  Pacer manufactures grinding wheels and uses DPR as a major raw material.  Following Royal’s 2009 announcement about discontinuing DPR, we offered to purchase the product line which included the confidential manufacturing technology, equipment, quality procedures, and customer information.  Acquisition occurred in January and Pacer moved the equipment from Belleville, NJ to its Coatesville, PA facility.  A division, DPR Industries, is being formed and its website is www.DPRindustries.com.  It now contains technical and other useful information about the product.   

            The effort to install the DPR machinery and related new infrastructure will take several months.  Royal will assist in the transition and several long-term employees may join Pacer.  When production restarts we will be committed to following all operating and quality procedures used by Royal so that you can expect the same high quality liquid rubber.  The same products will be offered: DPR-400, DPR-75, DPR-40, and DPR-35.  DPR is a natural rubber obtained from the Para tree, not a synthetic rubber from petroleum.  It has certain desirable properties not available with synthetic.   

            Manufacturing liquid rubber involves a number of challenges, the main one being the rising cost of solid rubber from Indonesia.  The energy needed to transform solid into liquid rubber is considerable and that cost is rising.  Increasing costs and decreasing market size are why a company may decide to discontinue production.  Pacer and other users, however, need DPR for their own products.  With no other supplier available, we undertook to make it for ourselves - and other users.   

            The investment to purchase and relocate the operation was high.  There will be expenditures to upgrade some equipment.  In order to recoup these costs and cover higher operating costs, we must adjust DPR prices.  The adjustment is reasonable especially considering the situation we all faced - no DPR in the future.  Prices then should remain stable for a long time.  We look forward to working with you and providing an excellent product in a timely manner.  Tom Linkins, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will be your primary contact.  Please contact Tom or me if you have questions.


                                                                         PACER INDUSTRIES, INC.


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DPR Industries

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Contact:  Tom Linkins, V.P. Sales and Marketing  


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